The Swiss Society of Microbiology Encouragement Award

The SSM Encouragement Award is given to young investigators in the field of microbiology for achievements that are outstanding in terms of their originality and particular scientific value. Achievements in the field of teaching as well as research and development are taken into consideration as well. The Award is given for work that has been carried out in Switzerland or that is closely connected with our country.

Applications for the Award can be submitted by any member of the Society. Young individuals are also encouraged to apply themselves for the award. Currently, the amount of the award is CHF 5000.-. The winner is elected by the Executive Committee; its decisions in this respect remain strictly confidential. The Awardee is invited to present her/his work at the Annual Congress of the SSM.

For details, download the Swiss Society of Microbiology Encouragement Award – Rules (March 10, 2014) in German (English translation in preparation).