The Virology Section encompasses a broad variety of interests, ranging from basic research to diagnostic virology and from clinical interest to federal regulation.

The newly formed commission of the SSM Virology Section aims to provides a platform:

  • for the exchange of of news in the field
  • for Swiss Virologist to facilitate various interaction and collaborations on all levels
  • to distribute information concerning fundamental virology, clinical virology and virus diagnostics at Swiss institutions


A first Swiss Virology Meeting was successfully held in 2009 and has established a tradition by now. The upcoming 6th Swiss Virology Meeting will be held from February 2-3, 2016 at the Freienhof Hotel in Thun, in the heart of Switzerland.

In 2013 "virology" was the leading topic of the annual congress chaired by Monika Engels, Zürich, and Stefan Kunz, Lausanne. "Emerging Microbes" brought some three hundred scientists to Interlaken and was with respect both to scientific quality as well to the venue a success.

Virology Commission

Section Lead

Coordinator : Volker THIEL PhD

Länggassstrasse 120
3001 Bern
+41 31 631 24 13