Upcoming meeting: LS2 2-3 February 2017, Zürich

Urs Greber & Stefan Kunz from the Virology section of the SSM cordially invite you to attend the next LS2 (Life Science Switzerland) annual meeting, and submit your abstract to it. The deadline is 12th December. The meeting will take place on the Irchel campus of University of Zurich, 2-3 February 2017.

The annual LS2 meeting is a large meeting that covers a broad area of the Swiss Life Sciences. It is the biggest  Life Science meeting in Switzerland featuring contributions from academia and industry, and hosting outstanding plenary speakers. There are several parallel sessions, and in 2017, one of them is in the area of virology / microbiology.


The SSM has two invited speakers with scientific excellence.

1) Dr. Julie Pfeiffer, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA
'How gut microbes enhance enteric virus infectivity'

Dr. Pfeiffer’s research is at the frontline of viral and microbial infection biology. An important goal of the Pfeiffer laboratory is to understand how viruses and hosts interact, and how this impacts the development of disease. Intriguingly, viruses that infect an organism through mucosal tissues are affected by the microbiota, and in turn, such viruses influence the microbiota. For example, the Pfeiffer laboratory found that gut microbiota promoted replication and pathogenesis of poliovirus and reovirus (Kuss et al., Science, 2011). The laboratory is now interested in identifying host barriers that limit viral spread within and between hosts, and explores how these barriers affect viral fitness and virulence.

2) Dr. Jason Mercer, MRC laboratory, UC London, UK.
'28 Hours Later: Vaccinia-Induced Cell Motility Facilitates Virus Spread'

Dr. Mercer is a group leader at University College London, interested in investigating the cell biological mechanisms of virus infections. He has made insightful contributions to how large DNA viruses enter cells, and replicate in the cytoplasm (Mercer & Helenius, Science 2008; Kilcher et al., Cell Host Microbe, 2014).
Dr. Mercer is a recipient of an ERC consolidator award.

In addition to the invited talks, the session will feature a talk (15 plus 5 min) chosen from the abstracts, a presentation from an industry representative (15 plus 5 min), as well as five flash talks (3 min each) chosen from the abstracts.

The Swiss virology / microbiology community has excellent scientists in all stages of their carreers. So please apply, and contribute to a lively LS2 meeting.

Please submit your work for poster or oral presentation by 12th December 2016. There will be a poster prize, generously sponsored by the Journal of General Virology published by the Society of General Microbiology in the UK.

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